Cinedapt Exolatry
"Exolatry" tells the story of an actress who exalts to fame as thousands of women with her name have been found murdered. The prime suspect is her idolizing ex while the name of the actress is someone very close to viewer of the film.

The name of the actress and victims in the film center around the viewer's closest female lover, friend, or family member. In addition to her name being showcased, viewers will be engaged with other familiar content throughout the film. This new level of viewer engagement will evolve storytelling in film by introducing personalized content.

In acknowledging that every story has already been written and every movie has already been made, Cinedapt's core focus is to revitalize the monotony of current movies dating millennia by applying its patented process to film-making.

Each time a viewer watches a Cinedaptive® movie, a new experience will be given through machine learning and customized rendering of scene variants specific to the person watching.

In contrast to interactive movies and chose your own adventure style stories, Cinedapt® mutates the film seen by learning and adapting to the viewer with an intent on invoking an emotional response and delivering originality. When was the last time a horror movie frightened an audience with nightmares or a comedy actually made them laugh?

Cinedaptive® films use Cinedapt’s patented technology to adapt content for an emotional connection and response by learning a viewer's fears and sense of humor while incorporating Cinedapt’s patented technology to track and prevent film piracy.