Why Should I Invest?

It is normal to have doubts about new technology.
From 2006 to 2008, investors told me that people would never pay to watch a movie on their computer or phone. This was in response to my digital streaming service created to empower independent filmmakers and major studios to be compensated for their films in an online theatre. I copyrighted this as “The World’s First Online Movie Theatre” (US Copyright TXu001617004 issued December 20, 2007; US Copyright PA0001735643 issued June 17, 2008; US Design and Utility Patent 12/072,276 filed February 21, 2008).
Cinedapt is a California C Corp registered in 2018. Investments made into Cinedapt are separate from the films produced. Yes, there are hundreds of digital streaming services with new ones receiving billions in funding every day. Have you as an investor seen any of these streaming services take any risks or try something original?

Revenue Business Model

Cinedapt has five sources of revenue.


Cinedapt’s patented technology and propriety processes can be licensed by competitors.

Risk Management

Anti-Piracy tracking and tools are provided to federal government and local law enforcement to identify and prosecute violations.


Advertisers create customized content specific for each viewer for a more effect campaign.


Consumers are our content subscribers and main audience for the Cinedaptive films.


Tools are provided for filmmakers to create and analyze Cinedaptive films.

What will my investment fund?

You have three options as an investor:

1) Technology

Invest in the technology and service of Cinedapt as a company

2) Film

Invest in a film for Cinedapt

3) Company

Partner with Cinedapt in the company and on films

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