A Cinedaptive® Film?

It is normal to have doubts about new technology.
From 2006 to 2008, filmmakers expressed concerns of piracy in having their films streamed online. This was in response to my digital streaming service created to empower independent filmmakers and major studios to be compensated for their films in an online theatre. I copyrighted this as “The World’s First Online Movie Theatre” (US Copyright TXu001617004 issued December 20, 2007; US Copyright PA0001735643 issued June 17, 2008; US Design and Utility Patent 12/072,276 filed February 21, 2008).

Why Should I Make a Cinedaptive® Film?

The advantages of a Cinedaptive® film are endless. As a filmmaker, there are two main areas of focus:

Engage Your Audience with Originality

When was the last time a horror movie frightened you with nightmares, a comedy made you laugh, or a drama made you cry? Cinedapt® allows you to create more impactful films by knowing your audience: their fears, interests, sense of humor, and more.

Anti-Piracy and Higher Return on Investment

There are more than 20,000 short and feature length films made every year. If your movie is even recognized, how does it feel to see your film leak on torrent sites weeks before its scheduled release? The annual revenue of digital streaming services is increasing to $70B while film piracy has increased to $50B. Cinedaptive® films are encoded with uniquely identifiable information to prevent piracy.

How Do I Make My Film Cinedaptive?

Since it is new technology, you will become integral in its future by working very closely with us. Making a Cinedaptive® film is almost the same as a normal movie. However, there are some key points to keep in mind before going into principal photography. These are covered in the next question.

What is the Pipeline with Cinedapt?

Your workflow begins in the pre­production with the script, shot list, cast, and more. You will work very closely with us from conception to completion of the film.
Major plot, storyline, and cast remain unchanged, but you will need to think non­linearly with minimal permutations of minor story elements.

Cinedapt is Anti-Piracy

As a filmmaker, how does it feel to see your film leak on torrent sites weeks before its official release?
Cinedapt’s patented anti-piracy technology involves 3 main steps:

1) Encoding and Public Ledger

Each movie created in Cinedapt® is listed in blockchain as an immutable ledger containing the user id and unique signature of the movie generated. With this information, pirates can be as easily identified as a thief on camera leaving a wallet of identification cards at the scene of crime.

2) Personalization

Would you want to pirate another person’s wedding video rather than having your own? Cinedapt® provides a personalized version of a film for you.

3) Intrigue

Cinedapt® creates a new level of interest from viewers knowing that a movie is not only personalized but is different each time it is watched. If a person does torrent or watch another user’s Cinedaptive® film, that person will be intrigued.

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