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What is Cinedapt?

Cinedapt® is a patented, revolutionary entertainment technology reinventing the film industry by offering personalized viewer experiences, advanced creative freedom for filmmakers, and robust anti-piracy measures for investors.

Pioneered by the innovative creator and copyright owner behind the first video streaming service business model for filmmakers in 2007, Cinedapt leverages its proprietary personalization process to craft unique cinematic experiences.

Distinct from generic AI tools that may raise copyright concerns, Cinedapt adheres to the highest legal and ethical standards, respecting copyrights and intellectual property while transcending traditional Artificial Intelligence boundaries. This innovative approach not only creates new avenues for storytelling without infringing on existing works but also fosters job growth within the film and technology industries. By requiring new specialists to craft the personalized content variations, Cinedapt enhances existing careers and creates new opportunities in filmmaking.

Experience the Cinedaptive difference — it's not just a movie, it's a cinematic odyssey tailored uniquely to you, establishing a deep emotional connection with viewers through unparalleled, personalized films.

Personalized Films

Cinedaptive films embrace machine learning to establish an emotional connection with an audience while adapting on a psychological level.

Creative Revolution

Cinedapt empowers filmmakers with creative features to expand beyond the industry's current limitations in originality.

Anti Piracy Tracking

Cinedaptive films advance blockchain technology with encoding and tracking to prevent film piracy.

How is Cinedapt Different?

Cinedapt® is an adaptive film streaming service which provides a customized version of a movie tailored specifically for each person or group of people watching. Dynamic content and effective scene variants are brought together through machine learning to present viewers with their most impactful and unforgettable experience in cinematic entertainment.
Cinedapt® also advances blockchain technology to end piracy in a similar way forensics of DNA has been used to solve crime. This is accomplished by incorporating blockchain’s immutable public ledger for each film with the user identification and unique rendered film information.
US Patent 11,051,064 issued June 29, 2021 prevails Cinedapt® above the competition.


Every story has already been told, and every movie has already been made. Cinedapt offers a new platform for your films to be original, unpredictable, and relatable for each viewer.
We have listed some examples below to inspire your creativity. Please reach out with any questions.

Alternate Film Genres

Have you ever wanted the option to see a film in a different genre? Viewers can select an alternate genre for a Cinedaptive film.

Alternate Film Length

Do you not have time to watch an entire movie? Viewers can select between a short, normal, and extended version of a Cinedaptive film.

Alternate Rating

Is a film too safe that you want to see a more controversial edit – or maybe you just want to see the movie with your kids? With a Cinedaptive film, the rating can be selected.

Dynamic Content

Can you imagine seeing recognizable names and images in a feature film? Cinedaptive films incorporate familiar sights and sounds to bring a more unique feel when watching a movie.


Have you ever felt that a scene in a movie did not resonate with you? Cinedaptive films feel personalized with alternate scenes based on your fears and sense of humor to connect with you on a more emotional level.

Synthetic Vocals

Imagine a horror film where you hear your deceased loved one speak.

Competition Comparison

How is Cinedapt® different from other streaming services? What unique features does a Cinedaptive® film offer compared to an interactive or a dynamic video?

Cinedaptive®InteractiveDynamicAll Other
Examples"Exolatry" and "Whiteboard Challenge®""Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"Facebook Personalized Videos
User Selection
Standard Cut and Director’s Cut
Interactive Path Selection
Film Rating Variant Selection:
G/ PG/ PG-13/ R
Film Genre Selection:
Comedy/ Drama/ Horror
Film Length Selection:
Short/ Normal/ Extended
Emotional Impact Focus
Alternate Scenes
Alternate Scenes: Binary
Alternate Scenes: Multiple Variants
Alternate Scenes: Infinite Permutations
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Adaptive Machine Learning Mutations: Location, Race, Gender, Psychological, Sexuality, etc.
Artificial Intelligence Generated Content
Randomized Scene Variants
Randomized Content
Viewer Analysis and Adaptation
Basic Profile Analysis
Behavioral Profile Analysis
Psychological Profile Analysis
Personalization and Dynamic Creation
Personalized Videos
Targeted Advertisements
Dynamic Video Content:
Images, Video, and Text
Dynamic Particle Content
Dynamic Audio Content:
Music, Sound Effects, and Vocals
Adaptive Audio Generation
Mechanical Vocal Synthesis
Dynamic Visual Effects
Human Vocal Simulation
Deep Fake Creation and Integration
Anti-Piracy Protection
Standard Anti-Piracy Protection
Indestructible Protection
Transparent Immutable Blockchain
Tracking and Reporting
Filmmaker Tools
Cinedaptive® Authoring Tools and Playback
A/B User Testing
Film Alteration Testing
Feedback and Adjustments
Viewer Analysis

Understand the Difference

Cinedaptive films have been made effective by understanding the psychology behind how bad music can sound great through repetition while horror and comedy films feel less impactful when rewatching due to predictability and unoriginality.
Cinedapt is a new form of entertainment. If you have become numb to horror and comedy films, Cinedapt is for you.

Film Examples

Cinedapt Whiteboard Challenge®

Whiteboard Challenge®

"Whiteboard Challenge®" is a proof of concept for Cinedapt® released in 2020 as a private demo for investors and golden ticket holders to showcase the core features of a Cinedaptive® film.

Cinedapt Exolatry


"Exolatry" is a feature length film in development that expands on the full feature set of Cinedapt® to give a taste of the future.

Cinedapt® is a Verified Vendor with the United States Federal Government

USFCR Verified Vendor

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More details are available in the 2024 Cinedapt Pitch Deck